WATCH: Bounce House Filled with Children Flies Through the Sky

It was a normal day at the beach in Florida yesterday, until something horrifying happened. A waterspout formed from the ocean spitting sand at those lying on the beach, but then it generated more force and speed and turned a seemingly fun day into a very dangerous day.

As you can see in the video the beach-goers watched as a nearby bounce house filled with children flies through the sky ejecting them along the way.

The inflatable house was pushed and flipped across the parking lot with the three children inside. After the kids were thrown onto the sand the house flew above the palm trees. The strength from the waterspout was so strong that it completely bent a basketball hoop and broke street lights.

The bounce house was setup for a Memorial day event planned by the city, and was apparently following all city codes.

All three children were rushed to the hospital, and while the experience was traumatic none of them are suffering from serious injuries.

Reggie Murphy was on the beach Monday when the waterspout formed and told CBS Miami what it was like. “It was disturbing to see the bounce house go up and the kids, and the kids falling out like Tonka Toys. It didn’t look real.”

A waterspout is similar to a tornado and is formed when there are strong winds over a body of water.