Bow-Tie Wearing Duck Gets Hurt in Drunken Pub Brawl with Local Dog

What sounds like the setup to a corny joke actually ended up becoming a real life bar brawl in Chulmleigh, Devon, a small town in the English country.

The story surrounds a debonair duck named Star, who is known for wearing ties while walking around town and enjoying a pint at the local pubs. But last week Star visited The Old Courthouse Inn with his handler, Barrie Hayman, and Hayman’s dog Meggie — and that’s when things got out of control.

It turns out that Star likes to give Meggie a hard time, but this night the fowl went too far, standing on the dog’s back until the canine let him have it.

“Star pushed his luck too far and Meggie snapped – splitting Star’s bottom beak right down the middle,” Hayman, 69, told the Cheddar Valley Gazette. “He had to be rushed to the vets and go under aesthetic, which is always risky and could go either way with ducks and other small animals. Thankfully our Star is a tough cookie and it looks like he came out okay.”

Hayman has cared for Star ever since he was a chick, carrying him around in his pocket. While Star has the ability to leave whenever he wants (his wings aren’t clipped), he’s chosen to stay by Hayman’s side, eventually growing up and developing a taste for real ale along the way. The two often perform on the street together, and have raised hundreds of pounds for charity with their unique street double act. The vets believe Star will be back up and performing in no time.bow-tie-wearing-duck-collage

On Star’s Facebook Fan Page, Hayman posted an update stating, “Star is doing a lot better now. He still has stitches in his beak and it doesn’t really look pretty but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him much. He is eating OK, still pokes the dogs and his cheeky nature is very nearly back to normal. He sleeps a little more than he has done in the past, but still obviously getting over things.”

As this story spread there has been some backlash over what some people see as Hayman abusing or exploiting Star. To this, Barrie posted a message on Facebook — both thanking fans and responding to critics. You can read it below.

Message from Barrie:I want to thank all of mine and Star’s well-wishers over the past few weeks. Your love and respect…

Posted by Star Hayman on Sunday, October 18, 2015