What This Teen Finds in His Ear Will Horrify You

It was just like any other morning for Grant Botti, a 14-year-old boy from Arkansas. That was until he noticed a severe pain in his ear.

He stuck his fingers down his ear and what he found shocked him, his mother and doctors. Grant pulled out a four-inch centipede!

According to Arkansas Matters, Grant’s mom, Angela, took her son and the bug to the hospital. Doctors examined him and noted that the bug had “caused abrasions to his eardrum and ear canal, which they covered with a bandage.”

Both Grant and the doctors are not sure how the bug got there. However, Fox 13 reported that Angela did mention to the hospital that they were at the beach the day before.

Apparently the emergency staff told the family that they have found multiple things in ears but never a centipede.