Boy Unexpectedly Gets Postcard From Dad Years After His Death

A postcard postmarked on June 10, 2007 finally made its way to the intended recipient, nearly eight years after it was sent and almost two years after the sender passed away.

Young Rowan unexpectedly received the message in the mail from his father, Joseph, who succumbed to a rare brain disease two years ago.

The postcard was part of a series of messages Joseph would mail to his toddler son while away at school – he went to MIT for two master’s degrees — but apparently not all of them got through.

“I vaguely remember him saying I sent 5 or 6, and I only got 3 or 4 in the mail. But I never thought anything of it,” recalls Rowan’s mother, Julie Van Stone.

But then on Saturday, a post card arrived in the mail. It read “Hello from Pennsylvania. I love you, and I miss you so much. See you soon, love daddy.”

According to KUSA, neither Rowan nor his mom know why the postcard took so long to arrive, and how it even ended up in the right place after all this time, but they have a few ideas.

“I feel like that was the final goodbye that he didn’t get to say,” Van Stone said, explaining her son never had the chance to tell his father goodbye.

The timing seems right too, since the message arrived just days before the two-year anniversary of Joseph’s death.

Now Van Stone and Rowan have one more piece of him to hold on to, in addition to the other post cards and pictures they have, as well as his final words to Van Stone before passing: “Everything is a circle. We will see each other again. All that matters is love.”