Boy Missing for Four Years Found Alive in ‘False Wall’ of Father’s Home

A 13-year-old boy reported missing four years ago was found in a hidden compartment of the suburban Atlanta home belonging to his father and stepmother, behind a “false wall.”

The father refused to return him to his mother during a 2010 visit. The boy was later reported missing, but he was finally reunited with his mother, who lives out-of-state, four years later.


The boy used a smartphone to contact his sister online, who relayed the message to their mother. The mother called the local police, who went to investigate the father’s home. The initial search yielded no results, and the five people in the house said they didn’t know where the boy was.

Police left, but returned after receiving another call to conduct a more thorough search. During this search, the boy called his mother who passed along the information he gave on his whereabouts to the police. They found him hiding behind a wall.

The five people in the home were charged with false imprisonment, obstruction of justice and cruelty to children. Three of those charged were juveniles, and the two adults were the boy’s father and stepmother.

Details on this case are few as of now, but we’ll update this story as warranted.