Teen Shoots Himself in Privates, Blames it on Ninjas

What do you do when you’re 17-years-old, playing around with a gun while driving and shoot yourself in the groin? You tell the police you’ve been a victim of Ninja-crime, of course.

At least that’s what one Chicago teen did, who was taken to an area hospital to be treated for the self-inflicted wound to his nether regions.

According to HuffPost, “The boy reported the incident shortly after 8 p.m. from the 3300 block of North Harlem Avenue in Dunning where he initially told cops two men dressed in black clothing and ninja-like masks jumped out of a black van and shot him.”

When the police investigated and came up with no ninjas, the teen came clean with the truth and also revealed he has certain gang ties.

It is unclear whether the teen will face any charges.

So what have we learned today? Don’t lie to cops, don’t play with guns while driving, and don’t blame everything on Ninjas.