9-Year-Old Boy Steals City Bus in His Pajamas

Let this be a lesson to never leave a vehicle with the engine running. A boy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan stole a city bus from outside of a transit yard, where it was left unattended the Canadian Press reported.

The bus’ engine was still running when the nine-year-old boy got on board and started driving. He made it a couple blocks without incident, but ended up crashing into another city bus and a parked vehicle. Hitting a curb ended his adventure—fortunately no one was injured.

An eyewitness, Michael Pritchard, said he saw the pajama-clad boy on a bicycle moments before the bus was taken for a joyride.

“I looked in my mirror and I saw a little head in the driver’s seat of the bus,” said Pritchard.

Police took the boy home, but because of his age will not press any charges.

Jeff Jorgenson, a manager for the Transportation and Utilities department said that a maintenance worker left the bus running, likely violating policy and procedure.