Boyfriend Busts Cheating Girlfriend, Gets the Best Revenge (VIDEO)

When this boyfriend made the heartbreaking and shocking discovery that his girlfriend had cheated on him, he didn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself. Instead he bided his time, and carefully planned his revenge.

He chose to wait until his girlfriend’s birthday, then let her know she’d been caught in a very special way.

Ryan Byford filmed the whole thing, and posted the “birthday surprise”, which has since gone viral on YouTube.

The video shows him blindfold his girlfriend and take her into the house, and into the bedroom. He then has her remove the blindfold and, while he sings her “Happy Birthday,” shows her all of her belongings have been packed up—she’s being kicked out.

Her confusion clears when he announces that he knows about her infidelity.

What do you think? Did he go too far, or did she get what she deserved for cheating?