This Bracelet Alerts You and Your Friends If You’ve Had Too Much to Drink

Have you ever been out at a bar with friends and wondered if you should have that last drink before heading home? Well, now there is a bracelet that can answer that question for you — before you even take the first sip. Or you wake up with a terrible hangover.

The bracelet, called Vive, was created by students from the University of Washington and featured at Microsoft’s Design Expo. It’s meant to measure a person’s dehydration and intoxication levels through their skin.

And guess what? If you and your friends each get one, you can link them all together and track everyone’s alcohol intake.

We think this would be a great tool for someone elected as the designated driver for the night; that way, everyone in the group will rest easy knowing they aren’t being driven home by someone who is intoxicated.

The device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, which allows you to be synced up with your friends throughout the night.

While Vive may just be a non-working prototype at the moment, it’s still a great concept to help folks stay safe while partying.

Check out the clip above and learn more about how the Vive bracelet measures drunkness.