‘Brain Dead’ Miracle Baby Survives After Hospital & Parents Give Up on Saving Him

Harrison Elmer was only 3 weeks old when he contracted the deadly meningitis virus. As the diseased ravaged his body and brain, doctors saw no hope after so many failed attempts at saving his life. Elmer’s parents were devastated when they were told that their baby boy would soon die.

“Harrison’s brain scan results showed that he was completely brain dead but we always hoped he’d defy the odds,” his mother recalls.

Tearfully, Ms Baker, 22, and her partner, Adam Ellmer, 26, took their frail baby to a hospice, where they assumed he’d pass away peacefully. There, they said a final goodbye and had no choice but to turn off his life support machine on the brain-dead child.

Then, a miracle happened.

Not only did Harrison continue to breathe without life support, he began to get better!

Doctors assumed that because the meningitis had taken a toll on Harrison’s brain he would never walk, talk or feed himself. They were wrong.

Now, at age 3, Harrison is keeping up with other children his age in school and in after-school activities.

“Looking at him now and watching him running around, riding his bike and reading books, it’s amazing,” his mom says. “He has suffered some deafness in one ear and has mild cerebral palsy on his right side but you would never know by looking at him. Harrison is full of life and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have him.’

Ms Baker is now pregnant with her second child, and Harrison is already excited about becoming a big brother.

Harrison’s mother warns people that if you suspect your child may have meningitis, to rush the baby to the hospital because it takes over the body quickly. If you’d like to learn more about the signs and symptoms of the deadly disease, watch the video below: