61-Year-Old Brain Surgeon Walks Eight Miles After Blizzard to Save a Life

According to the Associated Press, Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw, 61, was stuck at the Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala. when he was needed for an emergency brain surgery eight miles away at Trinity Medical Center.

All traffic was in lock down after a serious snowstorm hit the area. Unable to get very far by car, Hrynkiw decided he couldn’t sit around for another second.

Steve Davis, a charge nurse at Trinity recalls his conversation with the determined doctor: “The cell service was bad so we were fading in and out. At one point, I heard him say, ‘I’m walking.'” This immediately concerned Davis.

After not hearing from Hrynkiw for a number of hours Davis alerted the authorities. “The police were looking for him,” he told the Associated Press.

Eventually, the doctor was able to get a hold of David. “Where’s the patient? What’s the Status?” he asked.

Hrynkiw, the only brain doctor on staff, finally made it to the hospital and performed the surgery just in time. “Without the surgery, the patient would have most likely died,” said Davis.

The patient had been in a serious accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Thanks to the dedicated and humble doctor the patient is recovering nicely.

“This just speaks volumes to the dedication of the man,” remarked Davis. “When I saw him, all I could say is ‘you are a good man.'”

To put Hrynkiw’s feat into perspective, the extreme weather on Tuesday has been named the cause of five deaths throughout Alabama. According to Davis, the good doctor was prepared for the trek, as he frequently walks to stay in shape.