Brave 8-Year-Old Girl Helps Panic-Stricken Mom Deliver Baby Brother at Home

When Krystle Garcia went into labor two weeks too early she understandably went into panic mode. She was the only adult at home, taking care of her 8-year-old daughter when her water broke and was “bleeding excessively.”

But it is that very same 8-year-old who is being hailed as a hero after assisting her mom to deliver a healthy baby boy.

Garcia, 29, explained to reporters she was in the bathroom when her water broke so she asked her daughter, Jazmine McEnaney, to call 911. Once she had the dispatcher on the phone, Jazmine calmly explained the situation as mom’s panic-stricken voice could be heard in the background.

With the dispatcher’s instructions, mom and daughter were able to safely deliver the baby, just 13 minutes after the 911 call started. Jazmine helped by following instructions to support the baby’s head and shoulders as he emerged. The brave 8-year-old kept a cool head long enough for the paramedics to arrive and take over.

Joseph James Snyder was born healthy and happy at five pounds, 10 ounces. Today mom, daughter and baby are all doing well and resting up after a very eventful and memorable delivery story they’re sure to cherish for years to come.

Watch the news clip above to hear the 911 call and see the rest of the story.

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