Brave Mouse Granted Freedom After Attacking Evil Snake

Okay so we can’t really call a snake evil for eating a mouse; after all, it’s the natural circle of life and all that good stuff. However, we’ll make an exception in this case because what transpired at Hangzhou Zoo in China is pretty heart-wrenching and we need someone to blame.

Zookeepers witnessed an unusual event when a heroic mouse sprang into action, as a big bad venomous snake devoured its friend.

Keeper Wen Shao explained how it all went down.

“We always give the snakes live food, and we put the two mice into the snake enclosure. But instead of trying to hide like they usually do, one of the mice attacked the snake when it saw it trying to eat the other mouse. I have never seen anything like that before.”

Unfortunately, it was too late for the mouse’s buddy, but in order to reward the hero mouse for its noble effort, the zookeepers took him off death row by removing it from the snake enclosure. Also, the snake suffered quite a bit of damage, according to MSN.

We officially designate this mouse the Chuck Norris of the rodent world. Good for you little guy, and we hope your buddy rests in peace.