Brawl at Six-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Sends Three Men to the Hospital

A child’s birthday party in Sydney, Australia got way out-of-hand after a group of dads became involved in a full-on brawl that sent three men to the hospital. According to reports from local media, the scuffle went down at a Lollipops Playland and Cafe.

At least two families and groups of friends were at the party center, when a dispute arose over use of the play equipment.

A man from one group said that he and his friends were told that another man, who was attending a different birthday party at the time, allegedly pulled a 6-year-old girl’s hair.

When the girl’s father—and some other members of the party— approached the man to ask about the hair-pulling, he was attacked by the man and the man’s friends.

A fight between the two groups quickly broke out.

One of the men involved, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Telegraph Australia:

“I was on the ground and they pulled my shirt over my head and they were kicking me and punching me. We couldn’t compute it. We’re not aggressive people. But these guys were ruthless, they were just battering us.”

Three men had to go to the hospital, where they were treated for injuries to their hands, faces, and backs.

The battling parents were filmed as they punched, kicked, and stomped on each other. Furniture was thrown, and adults and children alike were left screaming in the fray. Video of the fight has made it’s way onto YouTube.