BREAKING: Little Girl Calls 911 After Touching Her ‘Elf on a Shelf’

Kids know the rule: if you touch your Elf on a Shelf, it will lose its magical powers. What happens after that? Well, it can only be bad.

That’s why panic ensued after seven-year-old girl Isabella LaPeruta in New Jersey accidentally knocked over her Elf on a Shelf doll while playing in her family home. This was clearly an emergency, so she did what every child is told to do in such a situation: She called 911.

“Don’t come to my house,” she said to the operator during the call. She explained that she was “trying” to call her dad to tell him about the accident and mistakenly dialed 911. As you’ll hear in the video above, the operator politely tells her that mistakes happen and it’s okay, but police are legally required to investigate all emergency calls.

“The officer got there and the little girl came out and was trying to shush him away and saying “you can go now,'” said Old Bridge Police Lt. Joseph Mandola.

That’s when Isabelle’s mother, Lynanne LaPeruta, woke up from a nap to find police at her door.

“She was hysterical crying; she was panicking,” LaPeruta told WNBC-TV. The little girl knew that 911 was for emergencies, and didn’t wake her mom because she was worried she would be in trouble.

“…in her mind she was scared to death that Christmas was ruined and Santa wouldn’t come,” Mandola said.

Fortunately, that night, Santa made a special stop by the house. “Santa went right to the door, and said, ‘Everything is ok, don’t worry about the elf,” Mandola told USA TODAY.