BREAKING: ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Photos Leaked, Show Sets, Creatures

A huge number of photos were leaked from the set of the new Star Wars film and posted on to TMZ this morning, and it’s an exciting surprise for fans everywhere. Not simply because they’re behind-the-scenes photos (which even non-Star Wars geeks want to see) but because they show actual physical buildings and creatures.

Why’s that such a big deal? It means this new film could end up looking a lot more like the original Star Wars series, which were heavy on special effects but also used real sets and creatures for the actors to work with. The films most recently released (the ones which a lot of fans would like to forget, thank you Jar Jar Binks) were incredibly CGI-heavy, leaving actors to create scenes in empty rooms and imagine the settings surrounding them. This was, in part, on the reasons why fans think the most recent movies in the franchise didn’t hold as much richness or emotional depth as the originals.

Director J.J. Abrams — who has admitted to being a huge Star Wars fan –seems to be honoring the originals with this move. The location is Abu Dhabi, which is the setting for the world of Tatooine, and the giant creature is reportedly controlled by five people inside of it. This is the biggest leak yet from the extremely secretive set, but we only posted a couple here. Check out some of the Star Wars 7 leaked photos in the slide show above, then head over to TMZ to see the full gallery.