BREAKING: Utah House Approves Bill Allowing Death By Firing Squad

The Utah House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow for people to be executed by firing squad, reports the AP.

After passing by a vote of 39-34, the bill will move forward to the GOP-controlled Utah Senate.

According to the AP report, it appeared that there would be a tie vote at 35-35, but three of the House’s members were missing. They were called in to vote, and all three voted in favor of the measure.

In order for the bill to pass, one more vote in favor was needed. One lawmaker changed his vote at the last second, sending the final vote to 39-34.

The following photo is the proposed setup that would be used during an execution:

death by firing squad setup

Lawmakers in both Oklahoma and Wyoming have proposed similar bills.

For more information on the controversial bill, click here.