Breast Cancer Stories: Pregnant While in Treatment

I was thirty years young when I was diagnosed.  I was totally shocked, devastated, and in disbelief. With no history of breast cancer in my family and at the age of 30, it felt completely unreal that this could be happening to me – and only a week after learning I was going to be a mother.

Going through treatment for breast cancer while pregnant was an emotional roller coaster. While my diagnosis was devastating and my battle a bit challenging, my journey with breast cancer was filled with many encouraging and inspirational moments as well.

I was surprised and overwhelmingly inspired by my family, friends, sorority sisters, colleagues and even strangers. They uplifted me during my journey and inspired me to fight on. The overwhelming display of love and support I received during my battle lead me to start my own organization, Team Roxy, to help other women battling breast cancer.

I always considered myself a strong person, but I never truly knew my own strength until my journey with breast cancer.  I learned how to be courageous and

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing and I know I’d be just fine. Maybe I’d try to stress less and forgive quickly.

The best thing to come out of my journey with breast cancer is my beautiful,
healthy daughter, Serenity. The worst part of my battle with breast cancer are the lingering side effects of treatment.

After conquering breast cancer while pregnant, I’m now loving life as a mom to two toddlers and living my dream as a marketing consultant. Now cancer-free, I’m a community breast health educator and patient advocate.

Roxanne resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and children and occasionally blogs about breast cancer and life at

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