Breast Cancer Survivor Posts Brutally Honest Photo of Her Radiation Treatment

WARNING: This story contains graphic images and strong language.

A breast cancer survivor took to social media to share some brutally honest truth about her radiation treatment, as well as why awareness is much more than just wearing pink ribbons for a day. Jenn Alter is a 36-year-old woman who was given over a month-long course of radiation treatment for breast cancer in 2013.

Her treatment left her scarred, with burn skin and immeasurable pain.

She shared a photo from her treatment on Tumblr with the caption “Here’s your fucking breast cancer awareness.”

The photo has gone viral as she urges people to think beyond trendy hashtags.

Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Uncensored

She said that she hoped that the image would startle people into realizing that breast cancer and breast cancer awareness is about much more than trendy movements—like the #NoBraDay that trended online, and popular “save the tatas” campaigns—by shedding light on the real-life impacts that patients go through every day.

Along with the photos she wrote:

“Breast cancer isn’t sexy. It’s not about saving the boobies. It’s not about no bra day, which is really just an excuse for women to post sexy pics of their nipples pressing through their clothes. It’s scars, nausea, pain, bald heads, burnt skin, and broken hearts.”

Although she received some backlash from her followers, the photos have gone viral. Many praise her bravery in sharing the reality of her breast cancer experience.