Mother Makes Incredible ‘Organ Donation’ After Son’s Death

For any parent, losing a child is most likely the worst heartache that will ever be experienced. However, to be able to give back after experiencing something so tragic truly says a lot. Amy Anderson lost her son when she was 20 weeks pregnant in 2010.

According to PEOPLE, Amy decided to put her pain towards something that can help others. She began to breastfeed although her doctor’s advised her not to. She found that by pumping milk and her breast milk donation she was able to relieve some of her emotional pain.


Over an eight month period Amy has given 92 gallons of breast milk to different milk banks. In an interview with PEOPLE Amy said, “I couldn’t give my love or milk to Bryson, as he wasn’t there in the physical sense. Yet I was able to express my love for him through expressing and donating his milk. It was very healing both physically and emotionally.”

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