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Newly Discovered Species of Spider Swims, Eats Fish and Is Called Brian

Where else but in Australia did we expect to find yet another new and terrifying creature? Well, if you were afraid of spiders before, here’s a new member of the pack that’s sure to send a chill down up and down that suddenly soft spine of yours.
This guy you see above is called Brian — and we’re not kidding; the newly discovered spider was named after physicist Brian Greene.
Brian is the size of an average human palm, but it can kill anything up to three times its own size, according to The Independent. Not only is he tougher than he looks, he doesn’t just feast on insects like most spiders. This one eats fish and can swim. In fact, lives predominantly on fresh water streams close to Brisbane and finds its prey by feeling their vibrations in the water.
Like us, Brian catches his food in the water but eats on land. Well, that’s just grand!
Is this guy trouble for humans, you ask? Robert Raven, Principal Scientist of Arachnology at the Queensland Museum, told Mashable AustraliaI’ve been bitten by this spider and it’s not particularly dangerous. It just stung for a little while.”
Basically, Brian Spider looks like a thug, but he’s not packing. We still would never want to be in a room filled with little Brians.



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