Bride Trashes Wedding Dress in the MOST Beautiful Celebration of Love After Fiancé Backs Out

Imagine this scenario: You’re five days away from your wedding day. You have everything planned out and are eagerly awaiting your perfect wedding day, with your perfect guy, in your perfect white wedding dress. Then, your fiancé gets the ultimate case of cold feet and pulls out of the upcoming nuptials, saying he doesn’t love you and can’t go through with it.

There are a few different ways you can choose to respond to this news: One is to crumble and fall and be totally crushed and down about life. Honestly, few people would judge you for that. Or, you can do what one incredible woman did, and turn the incident into a much more meaningful celebration than the wedding could have ever been.

Shelby Swink was ready and excited to wed her boyfriend after a three year long courtship. In her own words to wedding photographer, Elizabeth Hoard, she poured her “heart and soul into the wedding plans to try and make it the best day it could be,” adding “It was going to be a celebration of our love and commitment to each other, so I wanted to be absolutely amazing.”

But when her fiancé backed out, those plans changed completely – for the better. She didn’t sulk, she didn’t cancel the wedding. Instead, she went through with it, turning it into a party celebrating the positivity and love she still has in her life, without the man she thought she wanted to spend the rest of her days with.

So, she trashed the hell out of her wedding dress.

Gathering her bridal party and parents, she captured the transformation of her white dress into a colorful, beautiful mess in one of the most inspirational wedding photo-shoots we’ve ever seen.

“My friends and family surrounded me and showed me endless love and support,” Swink explained of the positive affirmation she had all around. “I am a strong woman who believes that everything happens for a reason. I decided that I will not let this tragedy and heartbreak consume me and bring me down in life.”

What a great reminder that everyone has complete control over their own happiness, and can feel just as loved and complete without a romantic partner, as with one. And that having a significant other sure as hell isn’t a prerequisite to fully embracing and celebrating life.

We absolutely love that and want to become best friends with Shelby ASAP.

Check out the amazing photoshoot above.