Woman Births Baby with Dwarfism, Confesses to Hooking Up with Dwarf Stripper at Bachelorette Party

A woman in Spain had a little too much fun at her bachelorette party, if sources are to be believed. The bride-to-be slept with a dwarf stripper at the party and became pregnant with his child. The Mirror has picked up the story that originated from a Spanish news site.

Sources close to the unnamed couple say none of the bride’s friends or family knew what she had done. Even her husband believed up until the birth of a baby boy that the child was his son. It was when the woman realized her baby was born with dwarfism that she decided it was time to finally confess to cheating.

“As you can imagine, no one that sleeps with a stripper at her bachelorette party broadcasts it, or at least they try to take their secret to the grave,” the woman’s mother reportedly told Las Cinco Del Dia.

Had the child been born without Dwarfism, the woman from Valencia, Spain, might never have come clean about his true paternity.