Bride Marries Wedding Guest After Groom Falls Ill During Ceremony

A 23-year-old bride in India wasn’t happy when her groom fell to the ground in the middle of the wedding ceremony, but it wasn’t out of concern for her husband-to-be’s safety. It was because she had been kept in the dark about his medical condition.

We understand the feelings of betrayal and anger for not being tipped off about something that serious until the last minute, but what we don’t necessarily understand is the bride’s action post-incident.

In a fit of rage, she grabbed a guest who was attending the wedding and married him instead, according to Times of India.

The guest in question was Harpal Singh, the bride’s sister’s brother-in-law. Singh agreed to the last-minute proposal and got married. Once the original groom returned and found his bride had already become married to someone else, he and his family pleaded with her to change her mind but she refused.

Soon after a brawl took place which involved plates and spoons being thrown around, and the original groom’s later filed a complaint at the local police station and then withdrew it.

Talk about a dramatic wedding!

“Both families had amicably resolved the matter” a representative from the police station later said. “The complaints have been withdrawn. [The original groom] and his family have now returned in peace to Moradabad.”