Bride Sends Abusive Parents Wedding Uninvite Because ‘F*ck You’

One bride had no qualms uninviting her own parents to her wedding. In fact just to make sure they got the hint, she sent them a formal dis-invitation to let them know they would not be welcome at her ceremony or reception.

She even went so far as to tell them to “suck it and bask in our happiness.”

The note, and the story behind it, has gone viral online.

The idea of excluding your parents from your own wedding is probably unthinkably shocking to most people, but in this case it seems pretty justified. The bride posted a photo of the fancy-looking invitation to Reddit, accompanying her reasons for shunning her parents.

She wrote:

“So my narcissistic parents abused me for 16 years before I ran away from home. Now they’re trying to bully their way (via family, they haven’t bothered to speak to me personally) into getting an invitation to my wedding. There was really only one way to respond.”

She went into detail, describing the abuse she suffered at their hands as physical, emotional, and sexual in nature.

Here’s the full invitation, printed on nice card stock and everything:


Her dis-invite got so popular that she was compelled to provide the Reddit community with an update on her family drama, here.

To those wondering who would walk her down the aisle she said:

“The aisle is only wide enough for one awesome person, so I’ll be walking myself down :P”