Bridesmaids Showing Their Bottoms Is the Latest Wedding Trend

Wedding photos are meant to help the bride and groom remember their special day — perhaps even share it with their children and grand children when they get older. But imagine what those kids will say when they come across your photos of the bridesmaids showing their bottoms. Or even mom doing it in her wedding dress!

Yes, it’s true — nothing says romance or love like pulling up your expensive dress and mooning a photographer. Nevertheless, this is the latest wedding picture trend: Bridesmaids and brides posing in photos with their derrieres on full or partial view. And these are taken before the (alcohol gets flowing.)

We’re not sure when this trend started, or more importantly why, but it has certainly caught on with bridal parties looking for a way to spice up their photo albums.

Some people think the trend is innocent and amusing while others think it’s absurd. All we’re going to say is we definitely prefer this one over the creepy animal masks wedding trend from a couple of years ago.

Not like we need to encourage you further, but check out the tushies in the slideshow above.

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