Brogurt: the First Yogurt Made for Men

Since the 1950’s, yogurt has been known as a “health food.”

But this nutrient-dense food with its custard-like consistency has recently become a nationwide craze, with yogurt sales more than doubling since 2001.

With nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamin B12, potassium, and phosphorus, Greek yogurt uses more milk, seems to have more protein and a distinct flavor compared to standard yogurt. Greek yogurt is also marketed towards women; not men.

The idea probably stems from the fact that women tend to diet and men prefer to lift weights. Clever stereotyping? Does yogurt come off as too feminine a meal choice?

Usually, when you go to the grocery store, you can spot the guy strolling through the dairy aisle and throwing a few packs of Chobani or Oikos into the cart for his lady. You wouldn’t regularly see men buying it for themselves.

Well, that’s all about to change!

Something being deemed “brogurt” has just hit the market and is being targeted at men. Is this the end of days for the creamy, thick snack?


The brand, simply called “Powerful,” promises that this new Greek Brogurt helps men find their “inner abs.” We’re pretty sure you won’t turn into Mario Lopez just from giving this new non-girly yogurt a try, but eating it may in fact improve your sperm quality.

Surprisingly, this new Brogurt has pretty much the same characteristics as its counterpart. That is, aside from the chance to improve your sperm count.

According to studies from the University of Michigan, products high in zinc can help male fertility by improving the quality of a man’s sperm. And it just so happens that Brogurt is high in that particular mineral.

C’mon – it was totally necessary for this yogurt to be developed.

Men had to have a yogurt designed specifically for them so that they wouldn’t have to eat a product that was targeted towards women. Makes sense, right?

Oh and we almost forgot: women can eat this yogurt, too.