Brooklyn Janitor Hopes to Leave His Mop Behind for the Music Industry

John Maldonado has been working as a janitor for nearly 10 years at a residential building in New York.

But lately, he’s been getting more attention and recognition for his singing talent than his cleaning duties.

“When I was younger I used to sing for my family for get-togethers, and I sing for my friends, but I never really pursued it,” Maldonado said. “Secretly I always wanted to be a singer but I’ve always been nervous. Unfortunately I can’t afford studio time at the moment. In the meantime I used the hallways for the echo and I’ve put some videos up on YouTube and some people have taken notice.”

Although Maldonado has tried his luck at singing competitions likes The Voice and American Idol, he never made it very far.

Instead, he settles for the hallways and stairwells of the building he works in — determined to never give up on his dream.

Check out his story in the video above.