Bud+Breakfast Hotels Offer Marijuana with Room Service

Leave it to Colorado to introduce two (count them, two!) Bud+Breakfast guesthouses, where the motto of management is “We’ll keep the bowl burning for you.”

One guesthouse is located in Silverthorne ($149-$199 a night), the other in Adagio ($179-$399 a night), but both offer “Wake and Bake Breakfast Sessions” during which they ask guests to come out to the common areas to toke. You can either get a cup of coffee or an uplifting Sativa strain of cannabis. Or both! There are also two “4:20 Happy Hour” sessions, when  guests are free to sample various strains of cannabis along with beers, wines, and hors d’oeuvres in the hotel’s communal areas.

Owners Lisa Schneider and husband Joel Schneider (a former securities attorney from New York) specifically moved to Colorado to pursue careers in the cannabis industry. And they are succeeding!

Meals and drinks at the Bud+Breakfasts are designed for patrons with “a serious case of the munchies,” says Lisa Schneider. “Happy hour today is pigs in a blanket and barbecue chicken pizza. We don’t serve hard alcohol. We find most people who smoke aren’t big drinkers. They’ll have a glass of wine or beer, but they’re not big drinkers,” she added.

Guests are free to “smoke, vaporize, or ingest whatever recreational cannabis products you desire” in the communal areas, as the activity is aimed at encouraging socialising among patrons as opposed to doing it alone.

Bud+Breakfast also offers private body massages with “maximum healing potential” using infused oils high in the THC, CBD and CBN cannabinoids.