Budweiser to Sell Beer in New Bowtie-Shaped Can

The next time you’re thirsty for an ice cold drink, grab a bowtie.

No we’re not talking about an article of clothing; we’re referring to Budweiser’s new beer can. Anheuser-Busch announced its plans to introduce a new, bowtie shaped can fashioned after Budweiser’s iconic logo, according to MSN Money. Beginning May 6th, you can grab one of these cans in special 8-pack containers, which will be sold nationwide.

The beer maker has been planning this release since 2010 and has developed a 16-step process to create the cans.

Other than the obvious visual change, the new can is also different in how much beer it holds: 11.3 ounces, as opposed to the 12 ounces of the traditional can.

If you’re not exactly excited about the new shape of the can, don’t despair. As of now, Anheuser-Busch has no plans to replace the old design with this new one, and will continue to sell the traditional Budweiser can.