You Can Build Your Own Dream House in 4 Days for Under $40,000 (VIDEO)

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to build your own dream house? Well, come 2015, PopUp House might be the answer to all those hopes and dreams.

Multipod Studio patented an exceptional approach to passive construction that introduces an affordable, fully-insulated home for those looking to step outside of the traditional housing market. The concept is simple: build an entire recyclable home by constructing insulation blocks separated by wooden panels.

All you need is a wireless screwdriver and a sense of imagination to build the structure of a PopUp House.

PopUp House will be made commercially available, especially in Western Europe, sometime in 2015. The first prototype was built in Southern France and serves as an example of what the future may look like for homeowners.

We wonder if financial benefits such as tax breaks will be offered. Some people out there may be acting like the recession never happened or be completely happy living in a cookie cutter society, but for the rest of us, we wouldn’t mind packing up and building one of these things somewhere tranquil.

Check out the video above for a firsthand glimpse of a PopUp House being constructed.