WATCH: Grumpy Bulldog Has Epic Meltdown Because He Has to Wear a Life Vest

This video of a pup resisting going on a swim captures what adorable despair looks like. If his reaction to being put into a life vest is any indication, Basil the bulldog might be a land-lubber after all. This puppy’s tantrum certainly makes his feelings clear. Basil huffs and puffs, and ultimately throws himself on the ground in protest to his human’s bidding.

Basil might hate his life vest, but the internet sure loves him wearing it.

While this video is adorable beyond compare, there are a few serious notes we want to make: Bulldogs are not known to be great swimmers and it is recommended that they wear a life vest if their human has plans to have them in or around bodies of water.

Another consideration for dog-lovers out there to remember is that bulldogs, while a great breed with many fantastic qualities that make them wonderful pets, are prone to heart and respiratory problems. So if you’re going to let your bulldogs swim, keep an eye on them and monitor their breathing and energy levels.