This Is Probably the Cutest Video You’ll Watch All Day

For some reason, everyone seems to be totally smitten when it comes to English bulldogs, especially when they are puppies.

But getting mauled by an English bulldog never looked so cute!

On March 21, the Lathrop family from Portales, New Mexico, uploaded a video of their 6-month-old daughter Sienna being lovingly attacked by one of their wrinkled-faced puppies.

“She’s been around them since she was born so she’s comfortable with them,” the baby’s father, Scott Lathrop, 31, told “Sometimes she’ll get a little bent out of shape when they’re licking on her face, but they’re pretty cuddly and affectionate to be around so she doesn’t seem to mind.”

The family breeds bulldogs for a living, and just so happened to capture this heartwarming moment on film.

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