WATCH: Why Have Bunnies Taken Over this Abandoned Island?

The wild bunnies of this faraway island are very friendly. In fact, tourists from all over the world travel to this abandoned island just to feed the only natives–the rabbits.

During WWII, the island of Ōkunoshima in Japan was used as a secret poison-gas making facility and, as you may have guessed, rabbits were used for testing. Yes, sad–but this story has a very happy and fluffy ending.

Even though local residents abandoned the island for fear of contamination, the bunnies may have stayed even though the guardians of the plant killed most of the rabbits after the facilities were closed. People who lived a ferry ride away were also told to stay away by the government due to feared contamination.

Naturally, one theory is that the thousands (if not millions) of bunnies on the island are descendants of the lab rabbits. One other theory as to why there are so many wild bunnies running amok in Okunoshima is that children brought them over during field trips during the 1970s and set them loose.

As we know (especially from the phrase ‘f**king like rabbits’), these fellas breed hard and fast. How fast, you wonder? They can produce a little every single month. In just three years, a bunny and her offspring can produce up to 50,000 rabbits!


Strangely, there is not a single predator on the island, which explains why these bunnies are so friendly and chase after humans instead of running away. It also explains why there are so many of them.

Next time you’re in Japan, you’ve gotta go pet and feed these adorable guys.