Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With This Epic Halloween Costume!

Image Source: Burger King

A Burger King branch in New York has just played the ultimate prank on its rival McDonald’s.

Burger King hit hard with its ambitious Halloween costume, as the entire exterior of the fast food chain restaurant was covered in white sheets with eye holes for its brand logo. The icing on the cake – McDonald’s written in creepy black graffiti on top.

The sign below reads: ‘BOOOOOO! Just kidding. We still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween’. Ouch! What a way to diss McDonald’s for deep frying their burgers…

This is the first time any major chain has played such a huge prank and it’s clearly worked, as thousands flocked to the New York chain to snap photos for their social media feeds.

It seems like this marketing trick was a one off effort and further McDonald’s trolling won’t be happening anywhere else… Or will it?