Two Boys Hospitalized After They Receive Third Degree Burns at Daycare

What was supposed to be a fun field-trip with a daycare to a water park turned out to be a parent’s worst nightmare. The two boys who are brothers are seven and five-years-old, and they are both in the process of healing from second and third-degree burns.


According to KTLA, Shaunna Oxford picked up her two boys after daycare, and they started complaining of burns. Apparently the staff told Shaunna that her boys refused to keep their shirts on and had barely any sunscreen on.

Shaunna put aloe on both of her sons backs but ended up taking them to the emergency room after they refused to be touched from being in so much pain.


Many media outlets have attempted to reach out to the daycare. However, each time they deny everyone and now they have ceased care permanently.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the two burned boys health care. The original photos posted on the site which show the severity of the burns were taken down for being too graphic.