National Coffee Day: The Benefits of Drinking Buttered Coffee

Coffee not doing it this morning? Take the advice Paula Deen would give you to spruce up your everyday Starbucks blend (or to anything) – add butter!

Although the idea of adding butter to coffee seems a bit odd, it has gained a lot of popularity for those following the “paleo” diet, an eating style geared toward eating mainly animal proteins and fats. This warm and weird combo is known as “Bulletproof Coffee.”

Weight-loss is the main motivator for those adding a few tablespoons of butter to their coffee. Other benefits to adding this ‘often paired with bread’ ingredient plus MCT (a coconut palm-oil blend) to your cup of joe include energy boost and increased brain power. Drinkers also claim that the method cuts down on the coffee jitters. And as a bonus, the creaminess of unsalted butter enhances the taste of the coffee by removing the bitterness. What more could you ask for?

It is believed that people can lose weight by drinking this concoction because a person can feel full after one cup of “buttered coffee” (100-200 calories).

Dr. Andrew Weil addressed this controversial new fad on his website stating: “It keeps hunger at bay and has enhanced my mental clarity and sharpness 20 to 25 percent. [My friend] Jeff believes that a morning dose of almost pure fat may help stimulate the body’s fat-burning potential, leading to easier weight loss.”

He advises using only organic coffee and butter from grass-fed cows for optimal results.

Surprisingly, this bizarre combo is actually considered ancient tradition in some parts of the world, such as Ethiopia and Singapore.

Check out the video above for the official Bulletproof Coffee recipe.