Snuggles for Sale – You Can Now Buy Cuddle Time

“Take A Break. Have A Snuggle.” That is the slogan on the website for The Snuggery, a company that believes in the healing power of touch. While you may think paying for snuggles sounds a little sexual, think again. This is all about non-sexual touching and feeling.

Through private snuggling sessions Jacqueline, the Company CEO hopes to make the world a more gentle place.

So this is how it works. There are two different options when it comes to cuddling: the Single Snuggle or the Double Cuddle. With the Single Snuggle you get to choose from one of the two ladies who work at The Snuggery to be your partner. Colleen or Jacqueline. And with the Double Cuddle you can cuddle with both ladies at one time.

There is timing and pricing. There are three different increments of time, 45 minute sessions at $50, 60 minute sessions at $60 and 90 minute sessions at $90.

Now for the well-established guests, there is a special offer, the Overnight Cuddle. This starts at 10:30pm and ends at 7am and cost $425, and as it says on the site “Please feel free to bring DVDs, books, and snacks”.

The Snuggery is located in Rochester, New York.