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Ever Heard of a BWAP? Two Major Reasons You Should

Ever heard of a BWAP®?
If you haven’t as of yet, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the term — especially if you have school age children.
backpacks with a purposeBWAP stands for Backpacks with a Purpose, an organization that is making a true difference in the lives of impoverished children around the world.
When you purchase one backpack at full price ($39.00), the organization gives two others to children in need. So far 750,000 BWAPs have been distributed worldwide.
The initiative began in 2002 in direct response to the needs of the Urban Mission in Oklahoma City and has since grown to extend beyond the U.S. and into Asia.
At First to Know, we are convinced of their benefit to society, so we set out to dig a little deeper to find out if the bags are work purchasing from a user standpoint. To reveal the facts, I took one along with me on a camping trip to Lake Tahoe, Calif.
Here is what I discovered:
When I first began to navigate through the pockets of my demo BWAP, I was quick to notice it’s made of rugged and very durable waterproof material. Its construction — including zippers, straps and seams — is impressive. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a backpack that can match the quality of my BWAP.
bwap colorsPockets/Compartments
My favorite feature is the pocket/compartment layout.
When embarking on my camping trip, I was tasked with packing a mixture of books, food, toiletries, electronics, and miscellaneous items. I was surprised to find out how many things I could fit into the backpack.
In all honesty, I have decided to officially ditch my over-the-shoulder work bag and use my BWAP for the office and work outings. I can more easily accommodate my computer (because of the laptop sleeve), cord, books, and other items.
I can definitely see where school children can really benefit from the BWAP, as it provides ample room for school books, a lunch bag, games/toys, and more.
There isn’t anything wild and crazy surrounding the backpack’s styling. It is both traditional and handsome. You can choose between four color schemes including black, black and lime, grey and yellow, and navy blue.
My BWAP is black and green, which I really like. My only suggestion for the organization is to provide a wider range of colors such as red, pink, yellow, etc.
Overall, I would recommend BWAP’s to parents, their children, and even those without kids. Not only are the backpacks useful and durable, they serve a beautiful cause.
Click here to learn more about Back Packs with a Purpose.

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