WATCH: 5-Year-Old Saves the Day When Mom Blacks Out While Driving

Caden Drake, 5, acted quickly when his mother blacked out while driving in Riverside, Calif. His actions may have saved both his mother and brother’s lives.

Ashley Drake began feeling faint and decided to pull over to the side of the road. “I pulled over the car. I just don’t remember anything after that. I just kinda blacked out. I just started shaking, and I started sweating, and my vision just went black.”

That’s when Caden jumped into action. Learn what actions he took in the video below:

Not only was Caden able to get in touch with the authorities using OnStar, he was able to calm his brother and keep him from getting out of the car.

“He told us that he was trying to keep his brother in the car, who had been trying to get out. I mean, he really kept it together, was really calm,” said Officer Juan Munoz, who arrived on the scene.

We at First to Know would like to applaud Caden for his strength, focus, and bravery.

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