Caitlyn Jenner Gets Screamed at by Transgender Protesters – Told “You Have No Right to Represent Us”

caitlyn jenner confronted by trans protestors

Caitlyn Jenner was confronted in Chicago by angry members of the trans community who were protesting outside a charity event last evening.

The 66-year-old former Olympian has been dubbed by protesters as the “clueless rich white woman.” They don’t feel she truly understands the issues the average transgender person faces.

Jenner was visibly upset when confronted and tried to explain herself, however things turned a bit ugly. The following video was captured of the moment:

In addition to the above video, photographers captured the moment:

caitlyn jenner confrontation 1

caitlyn jenner confrontation 2

The protest took place after a luncheon held by a LGBT charity. As protesters shouted things like, “You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,” Jenner tried desperately to let them know she’s trying to help them.

Protesters obviously weren’t buying it and continued to hurl insults until the moment Jenner left the premise.