College Student Invents Cake in a Can that is Microwavable

Step aside cheese wiz and whipped cream — a revolutionary treat has come into town.

John McCallum, a 20-year-old attending Harvard University has invented a new way of baking cake.

After learning about the chemistry behind what makes cake rise, McCallum experimented with the accelerant in aerosol cans, which release bubbles into the product as it comes out. He wanted to see if it would work as an alternative to baking soda or baking powder. He found out that it in fact worked and spent months perfecting the cake batter recipe in his dorm.

McCallum, and his business partner Brooke Nowakowski, claims that their product SprayCake has the same consistency as regular cake (either made from a box or from scratch).

Since it comes out of the can pre-risen, the cake bakes in a fraction of the time. The days of having to make a trip to the grocery store for one ingredient could be gone fairly soon!

A seller has been obtained and the manufacturer for the product is in the works.

Watch the above video for the full details.