Calvin Klein’s Super Bowl Commercial Gets Beyoncé Fans Excited

As much as the Super Bowl is seen as a guy’s event, there are plenty of wives, girlfriends and gay men watching along– and advertisers clearly know that.

Case in point: The peeps at Calvin Klein, who featured hot male model Matthew Terry in a sleek, sexy commercial for their new Concept line. You probably spotted Terry a lot last year, though chances are you didn’t know his name. The young New Jersey native was featured in the label’s neon underwear ads that were displayed across every major magazine and metropolitan billboard. Here’s a photo as a reminder (you’re welcome).

According to, it’s the first time Calvin Klein placed a commercial at the Super Bowl, and it was the only designer ad to air during the breaks this year.

Did male Super Bowl fans watch  and like it? Perhaps. But you can bet good money that the people waiting for Beyoncé’s halftime show (and rumored Destiny’s Child reunion) were tuned in. The big question now is if those viewers will go out and buy the briefs. Only time will tell.