While the Cameras Are Rolling, These People Confess Their Biggest Regrets in Life

Regrets. Everyone has at least one in life, even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves or someone else. Whether it’s regretting the things you should have done or shouldn’t have, sometimes, choosing just one isn’t possible.

In the video above, 50 people in Galway, Ireland, are asked the very difficult question, “What’s your biggest regret in life?”

After thinking long and hard, some folks said they didn’t have a single one, while others confessed their regrets openly.

Many of them had probably never told anyone such personal things before, or even gave much thought to what they actually have regrets about. Needless to say, their answers are both touching and inspiring.

One woman admits that she regrets not “living for joy sooner,” while others say it’s missing the opportunity to marry the love of their life when they should have or the fact that they wish they were younger.

If someone asked you what your biggest regrets in life were, what would you say? Feel free to share in the comments below.