Hot Actress Uses Facebook to Send Pervert to Jail

The truth is that most women encounter sexual predators all the time. Especially in cities that use underground trains, coming across men who touch us or get too close is more common than you’d think. Worst of all, there are usually no security people on the trains so it ends up being a really uncomfortable situation — sometimes even frightening. Most women usually take no action and just hold their breaths waiting for their exitCamilles-Perv_cropped.

French actress Camille Regnier, 21, was taking the Metro train in Paris when she found a man touching himself while leering at her. Regnier posted the photo of the harasser and wrote about her ordeal on her Facebook page thinking she was just publicly shaming the pervert who was making her so uncomfortable. Little did she know that it would immediately go viral.

Regnier’s post eventually caught the attention of Police as well as Facebook. Paris police identified her abuser quickly and arrested him, Facebook deleted the post for its explicit content.

This is what Regnier said on her Facebook page:

“When he was masturbating, the guy was staring at me in the window of the metro, not directly at me. Damn it. Yesterday, I was assaulted in the metro by some asshole, he was so close to me I grabbed him by the neck and today!!! I was watching a video on my phone and I saw him masturbating when I looked up! I talked to him, he said nothing, and ran away. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM???? Yesterday I was wearing jeans and boots and today I was wearing a long skirt… I never make eye contact with them. What’s wrong with respect?? Is it because that I’m a woman that I have to experience your evil perversity every day? I’m tired of living in this city.”

Thankfully, her abuser is now in jail. Hopefully, the next time a pervert sees the beautiful Camille Regnier, he’ll think twice before…well, you know!