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Can Bike Seats Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Healthcare professionals have long discussed the damage that bike seats may cause to male sexual organs. Studies suggest that traditional “teardrop” bicycle seats, or saddles, can impact erectile dysfunction in men who ride bikes daily, and that some bicycle seats are more damaging than others.

Here are some important things to know.

Should I Stop Riding My Bike?
No! It’s been reported that about 5% of men who ride on bicycle seats intensively developed severe to moderate erectile dysfunction. The time you spend riding matters.

How Long Should I Ride My Bike?
The impacted area is the perineum, which is located between the external genitals and the anus. When you sit on a standard chair, you don’t put weight on the perineum, but when you sit on a classic bicycle seat, a quarter of the man’s body weight rests on the nose of the seat, putting pressure on this area.

bicycle-impotenceWhen this happens, oxygen levels that are supposed to reach the penile area can fall from 70% to 80%. If a man stays on the standard bicycle seat for long periods of time, his oxygen levels can drop a whole 100%, which gives the man a numbing feeling — a.k.a. “numb nuts.”

Nursing researchers and epidemiologists at both Boston University and UCLA found that men who rode bikes for five or more hours a week, were very likely to develop weaker sperm cells than men who did not bike at all. However, biking is incredible exercise and, if you enjoy it, should be continued.

Bicycle Precautions
Cyclists have learned that when numbness occurs, try one or more of these tricks:

  • Raise the handlebars so that you sit more upright
  • Shift your position and take pedaling breaks on long rides
  • Wear padded biking pants
  • Don’t tilt a bike seat upward because this places pressure on the perineum
  • Pick a wide bicycle seat with lots of padding for shock absorption
  • Make sure that your seat is high enough so that your legs are fully extended to the pedals

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Choosing the Right Seat
No two butts are alike, especially with men and women. A woman’s hips are wider and so are their ischia bones. If you don’t choose the right bicycle seat, in addition to numbness, you could easily experience chafing, skin abrasions and boils. Consider these factors:

  • Avoid plastic seats because they do not have the proper padding needed
  • Get foam and gel covered seat
  • Make a quality seat your investment, especially if you ride frequently

Always try out the seat. It needs to fit your butt and in between your legs so that your sexual organs are protected. It should also feel comfortable.

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Be Aware of Your Body
When Lance Armstrong developed his testicular cancer, he admitted that he generally felt pain in this scrotum and other areas while riding, but this is not conclusive proof that bike seats cause erectile dysfunction.  Your best option is to tell your healthcare professional that cycling is part of your exercise program — especially if you’re thinking of having children. Be aware of any discomfort when riding and bring it to your doctor’s attention. This can help you have a healthier sex life, and hopefully avoid any bigger problems down the road.

Author Bio:- Dorothy Okoth is a medical student who enjoys writing and reading about sexual health and skin care. She also enjoys reading, exploring alternative treatments to medical conditions, skating and swimming.


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