‘Cannibal’ Butcher Serves ‘Human Limbs’ – Set to Open in London

While walking through the shops of Smithfield Market in London, it’s easy for passersby to miss this little butcher shop. But those who do notice, are forced to do a double take when the notice the gruesome meats on display: human limbs hang from the ceiling and windows, and sit in neatly packaged rows in the meat case.

All is not exactly what it seems though.

While horrifyingly morbid, these skillfully sculpted ‘human limbs’ are actually made of perfectly edible cuts of pork, beef, and chicken.

The pop-up shop is actually a replica of the fictional butcher shop ‘Wesker & Son’ from the latest installment in the popular video game franchise Resident Evil.

Developer Capcom calls it a “pop up human butchery and morgue” and invites members of the public to step inside for a glimpse of the gore. Available products for purchase include peppered ‘human’ and lemon sausages, thigh steaks, and various limb-shaped meats.

All proceeds will go to the Limbless Association, an organization that provides support to amputee patients.

The shop will reportedly only be open to the public for two days at the end of September.