Why Can’t the ‘Saddest Dog in Britain’ Find a Family?

Usually a sad puppy-dog expression has the swaying power to make someone cave to any demand. After all, who can resist a pair of big, sad eyes? But a sad face isn’t helping one six-year-old Rottweiler-mix in the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The staff at the establishment is putting the blame for her five-month-stay on her naturally depressed facial expression, saying the sad appearance is why people won’t adopt her.

On her adoption page the dog, named Bless, is described as steady, easygoing lady with a lot of love to give. In her five-month-stay she has been a “well-behaved and quiet house guest.”

But they’re afraid no one will love her because she always looks sad and wears a frown. It has earned her the nickname of the saddest dog in Britain.

A worker at the shelter said “Bless has a mournful face but a heart of gold—anyone who meets her can’t believe what a gentle giant she is,” according to the Mirror.

Maybe Bless just needs to find a family with an affinity for Eeyore!

Watch the sweet pup in the video above, and see if you can resist her furrowed brow and sad frown.