WATCH: You Won’t Believe What This Bike Is Made Of

One man’s trash is another man’s–oh, you know that cliche already. But it’s a cliche for a reason.

Some men can work miracles out of the ugliest, flimsiest, most impractical materials, even as everyone else insists it’s impossible and they’re idiotic for even trying.

Izhar Gafni is a prime example of this kind of relentless innovation, and his idea understandably baffled a few expert engineers who he pitched his certifiably insane idea: a cardboard bike.

If a friend told me he was making a cardboard bike, I would almost immediately start mocking them. “Why don’t you make a helicopter out of banana peels once you’re done with that?” (Note: if someone could do just that, I would die a happy man right now.)

No matter, Gafni went right on ahead trying to make his idea into a reality, with a little well-deserved support from his wife. You know how this story ends–we wouldn’t be writing about it if he just gave up halfway through. Long story short, he pulled it off.

You can see the turquoise, boxy little miracle of ingenuity in the video above. The cheap cost of materials is unprecedented, but it’s still remarkably sturdy. Although it’s not yet available for purchase, it would supposedly cost $20.

I, for one, plan on continually revisiting Gafni’s website until they finally let me give them my money. Here’s hoping that price doesn’t shoot up anytime soon.