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How to Balance Your Checkbook

Opening a checking account is a rite of passage for every young person. But, many of us never learned how to simply and accurately balance a checkbook, and this can cause major problems down...

Save $100 a Week With 1 Easy Tip

This Frugality Game Tip of the Week, with screenwriter Ronnie, talks about how you can use your local library to potentially save as much as $100 every month on your entertainment expenses.

Financial Independence-4 Ways to Get There

We've just celebrated another Independence Day, and yet most of us don't know what it truly means to be independent--free of debt, living on our own, and adhering to our own rules. To really be...

3 Tips to Avoid Job Scams

First, the good news: Job claims have fallen to low numbers in the past six weeks. Now, the bad news: Millions of Americans are still looking for work, and to add insult to injury, many...